The beginning of a new community vision for FairCoin

We spent a lot of time discussing and trying to pinpoint how to build the culture and community that would give FairCoin the ability to execute on our vision. It is easy to list a set of buzzwords and allow others to attach their own meaning to them. Instead we thought we would explain what these words mean to us and why it is important for users, potential team members and community members to share the importance of these concepts and build long term relationships.

These words and concepts are the building blocks for our culture, which is simply our combined DNA or the personality of the collective team. That culture is defined by our people and how we provide context for decision making, an environment that inspires people to be their best and determines our approach.

By being transparent and detailed our objective is to indicate exactly who we are and who we want to attract to our community and team. This is essential for finding people that fit our culture and purpose. This approach or culture may not be for everyone and realizing that early on in the process is best for all involved. These below characteristics will define our team, that defines our culture, which defines how we make decisions and build FairCoin.

  • Open, transparent & honest communication — We believe in full transparency so that everyone involved in FairCoin knows the status of our progress, what challenges we face and how we plan on solving them. We respect everyone’s ability to comprehend and contribute to the growth of the protocol and community. Honesty doesn’t have to be brutal, it can be constructive and given in a way that further develops and strengthens relationships. If we can put our egos aside and focus on what is best for FairCoin we can achieve more as a group and grow as individuals. Speaking of egos.
  • Leave your ego at the door — We are always operating with a philosophy that the best idea wins. That means that the team and community should have no ego, collective success is the focus. Sourcing ideas and distributed responsibility is the only way we can scale at the speed needed to achieve our bold vision. If we focus on the best interest and long term purpose of the community we will have a much larger impact by doing things together.
  • Have fun & love what you do — One of the most important factors in collective and individual success is getting people in positions to do what they do best. So we encourage you to focus on your unique strength and passion because that is when you will have the biggest impact. If you don’t enjoy what you are working on, don’t do it. Let’s pass it to someone who will love that responsibility and get you into a role that is a better fit. Our team really enjoys each other and working together. We believe in what we are building and want to share that with people who also will enjoy this journey and FairCoin’s path. And how could you not be having fun, we are building in a cutting edge space that has the potential to change the world by offering opportunities to millions that have never before existed.
  • Culture of innovation, freedom and responsibility — Once surrounded by talented people we believe that they will do their best in an environment and culture that allows them the freedom and responsibility to solve problems in their own creative way. We just provide the necessary context and then allow people to run with their ideas.
  • Be Bold & Ship fast — Let’s take big swings and attack the challenges that crypto faces with the boldness needed to help bring this revolutionary technology to more people. Someone in this space needs to be the leading community on safety, security and trust, so why not us. We value calculated risk taking, so we act. Don’t waste time on overarching extensive study before making a decision, we want people who we trust because they trust their judgement.
  • Be Authentic — We have a deep understanding of what FairCoin can offer so we will focus on what we do best and create differentiation in our own unique way. We don’t need to copy others or compare ourselves to other projects. Let’s focus individually and as a community on delivering something to the world that is genuine and unique. This doesn’t mean that we won’t grow, iterate or constantly evaluate our progress but we know where our advantage lies and will execute with that in mind. This also applies to you as an individual, we all have a role to play, so let’s find one where you can be your best and provide the most value to the community.
  • Be Engaged — We believe we have a responsibility to make FairCoin safe, secure and trusted so that more people feel excited to enter the community. Dig in and understand the foundation and vision of FairCoin.
  • Be Optimistic — We are in the early stages of cryptocurrency adoption and there are still several hurdles to overcome, but we are optimistic and believe there are several paths to success. We believe that we, as a community, and FairCoin, as a cryptocurrency, will find a way. For us, optimism means finding a path and knowing that we can execute on our lofty goals because we have a smart and innovative team that can execute.

This is just the beginning for FairCoin and we will continue to evolve and iterate. Our visual language, our interface and how we communicate our vision will be constantly evolving.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us.