The future is to build a society with a more fair economy profile

In the middle of a global pandemic that forced countries to submit to a strict and mandatory social quarantine that still persists, many local economies were left on the verge of collapse.

The economy had to slow down, and soon calls for help began to be heard. The sense of solidarity and collaboration was immediately activated and began to be channeled through associations, cooperatives or simple movements where several people joined together to contribute their knowledge and efforts to try to alleviate complicated situations. For example, the elderly. Or also to listen to some local producers who found themselves with much less possibilities of being able to sell their products, due to their difficulty in reaching the points of sale and the hotel business.

Hundreds of commercial establishments began to implement homeownership from the beginning of the pandemic. This was an alternative that not only allowed many of them to survive, but citizens began to learn about other alternatives and new forms of consumption in the midst of confinement.

FairCoin is here to help. It can help make the world a much better place by building in a new economic model, where people are encouraged to come together and contribute their knowledge, efforts and even their labor in a collective way.

It’s time to find new alternatives to the traditional banking system and banking systems are the ones in the final control and FairCoin is a new way of doing things that works in the most efficient way possible and serves to promote new forms of consumption, build new forms of distributed production, and even organize from below.

By establishing an efficient and easy system for the local community to activate together, build new products and gain access to business solutions, they can have the freedom to decide in their own interests and decide for themselves about their own future.