The economy is a social science.

Economics is the way individuals and groups make decisions about available resources, which are always scarce, to meet the individual and collective needs of society. From this definition, key concepts for the economy, such as needs, scarcity, and resources, emerge.

Since economics is a social science, it is not possible to directly or linearly compare what happens in one country with another, because the behavior of economic agents -families, companies and the State- differs in each place.

Instead, what we propose with FairCoin is to build a currency that is stable, global and incorruptible a fair and supportive economy that you can use wherever you go and that has the same value wherever you go to create an innovative global economic system from the ground up, in favor of an alternative, post-capitalist model, paving the way for collective change towards a life based on common values.

As the title of this article says the economy is a social science because you really don’t know what can happen, with the beginning of the crypto currencies have been a great change for the global economic world and its beginnings of eliminating the physical currency. This was something very few people expected a few years ago and now it seems to have become accepted in the society.